Sunday, December 25, 2011

What an amazing Christmas...

I really tried to take it easy this Holiday Season- but with two businesses, two young children, their two birthdays, Christmas, and a new baby, it's been- ummm... challenging. But wow, what an amazing culmination today was. Last night we celebrated with the extended family. No biggie, just the 27 of us. Then we stayed up until 2:30am or so, playing Santa. Thankfully we all slept in good and late, opened presents, and walked to church. After a beautiful Christmas mass, we enjoyed a way-too-big late breakfast at the Madonna Inn. SO. MUCH. FUN. Let me tell you something, if ever you find yourself yearning to eat out... in San Luis... on Christmas Day... this is the place to be. We spent the afternoon with family, and the early evening appreciating the quiet of downtown on this special day. Jeff did wheelies all over the streets and I stood in the middle of them, taking pictures. Something typically unheard of before and after 3am. Ready for dinner? Guess what... Yep, we went BACK to the Madonna Inn.
So now it's 11:30pm on Christmas Day, and at last the house is quiet. Elliott's tuckered out from his very first Christmas out in the world, the children are tucked away, the rubbish full of gift wrap, the bellies full of yummy treats, our hearts full of gratitude.








It's a wonderful life.

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