Friday, April 26, 2013

The best facial mask I've ever used...

Cheap + effective.  
Let me preface this post with an admission... As it concerns my skin, I'm a bit of a product snob.  I like fancy facials, exotic serums, and expensive creams. I justify this because skin is the biggest organ on the body, and also the largest eliminatory organ.  When clear and functioning properly, it flushes out toxins.  It makes sense to take good care of it, right?  Granted, taking good care of it isn't all about products... it's a healthy diet, plenty of clean water, and staying active;  And even then- there are good days and bad...  It's no wonder with makeup, dirt, and all the gunk we pick up throughout the day.  Sometimes you just have to detox your face, and start fresh.  I've tried a ton of masks (mud, clay, cream, enzyme, lactic, mineral, lemon, pumpkin, papaya, yogurt, honey) from dozens of brands, and many great spas.  Most of them extremely pricey.  But honestly, I have never experienced such a dramatic (and immediate) result as with this one...  It's cheap, lasts forever, and most importantly... it WORKS.  AZTEC SECRET CLAY MASK is what my mother used when I was a kid, and I've used it off and on since I was a teenager.  

Jeff threatened to take a picture of me in the mask, and I was like "NOOO!"  But then I thought... hmm, maybe there should be an embarrassing photo to accompany this post.  So here ya go:

Here I am, looking like a deer caught in headlights because I am totally unable to move my face.  Though not pretty, this photo is good for illustrating the importance of avoiding your eye area.  Definitely don't want it there- way too harsh for that super delicate tissue.  

THE PROCESS: Mix a heaping teaspoon of the clay powder with apple cider vinegar (use ceramic, wood, or plastic to mix- no metal), apply it thick and goopy, kick back and read a magazine.  This isn't one of those is it or isn't it working kind of things.  Your face will actually PULSATE as it dries and sucks all the impurities out of your pores.  This is a vigorous mask- not for extremely sensitive skin types.  Mixing it with water is an alternative for those who prefer a gentler mask.  This drying process takes 20-30 minutes.

THE RESULTS: After the mask is dry (and you are unable to move your face), rinse with warm water.  Make sure you soften it with the water before trying to slough it off.  No need to use soap.  Gently pat it dry, and apply your favorite moisturizer.  Your face will be red from all of the blood rushing to it.  This is fine, it's just circulation doing its job.  I prefer to do this mask before going to bed- so the redness won't matter.  It goes away in 20 minutes or so.  Your skin will feel buttery soft, and absolutely CLEAN.  It's incredible.  The following morning you'll be radiant, fresh, and glowy.  Repeat once a week or so.  

BUY IT: The mask is usually around $6 for a big tub that will last forevvvvvvs.  I've never actually finished a jar, because I always end up passing it on to friends.  And the apple cider vinegar is $3.50 or so.  You can find these at your local health food store, or good ole' Amazon.

Enjoy your gorgeous skin!  Thanks, mom.  ;)


  1. that photo is priceless! you actually look extremely adorable and like 10. :)

    I'll have to look into this! I have sensitive skin but this could be great for the decolletage.

  2. Oh! You are probably the perfect person the help with my search... :P I'm trying to find a sunscreen that I can put under my eyes and on my eyelids and upper eye/under eyebrow area. I hate that it gets so dark and most lotions end up burning my eyeballs either due to sweat or me just rubbing my eyes a lot. Any ideas aside from poking tiny holes in a sleep mask?


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