Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby steps...

*PREFACE* This is a very baby-heavy post.  I know for some of you, that's not your thing...  apologies.  
If you haven't yet, check out yesterday's Camping Countdown.  

Sooooo with Elliott fast approaching the one year mark (cuh-ray-zee), we're just milestoning left and right over here.  
Walking, talking, understanding...  this kid is amazing.  With all this new toddler-like behavior, I'm feeling like it's time to make a few changes.  

First item on the chopping block... nursing.  

Last week, I realized that Elliott has basically commandeered my body for more than a year and a half, aaand I'm pretty much ready to have it back.  Nursing is exhausting, and only becomes more so as he gets older and bigger, and hungrier!  James nursed so rarely that in hindsight, I'd hardly even say that he was breastfed.   Both James and Evy were very happy to take formula and "babas".  THIS one?  He wants N O T H I N G to do with a bottle- regardless of what's in it, how much we paid for it, which fancy flash site we ordered it from, or the dumb "cutting edge design"and "innovative technology" behind it.  Just... no.   James basically weaned himself by rejecting the boob completely at the 8 month mark.  Evelyn?  Ok, that's another story.  When she suddenly realized that nursing was simply no longer an option- her immediate reaction was to behave like she could ONLY survive on breastmilk, and without it I was killlllllling her.  That's such an Evelyn response, you guys.  In the end, my mother had to physically take her away for a solid week, and that was that.  Best solution ever.  Unfortunately my mother moved away, so that's not an option this time.  *super sad face*  I should say that he loves food.  He'll eat pretty much anything I put in front of him.  But anything liquid in a bottle or sippy cup- might as well be baby kryptonite.

Next... co-sleeping.

Ok, ok... go ahead and say it...  we made our own bed here, right?  YOU GUYS!!!  He was such a teensy, snuggly, TEENSY little baaaaybeee!  And after everything we went through to have him, we couldn't not co-sleep.  I literally didn't even set him down for the first week.  But this is reality, people.  My teensy, snuggly, teensy is now a wiggling, grunting, nursing all night, BED HOG!  We need to get serious about getting him into his own bed, and reclaiming our lives a bit.  Or at least, our REM

So, I'm up for suggestions, my friends...  Tips?  Tricks?  Advice?  Watcha got?   
For those of you who've done it, did you wean first, and then transition to sleeping alone?  Do them both at once?  What was your weaning/transitioning experience like?  Please feel free to weigh-in, peeps.  I'm all ears eyes.  

{Photo via Jeff Claassen}


  1. Ohhhh boy! You guys are in for a wild ride! I would suggest that you begin any and/or all changes in Elliotts bed & breakfast arrangement... After the school year ends! Coz, nobody is going to be getting any REM...zzzzzz! Good luck y'all!

  2. We're in the exact same boat!! We need to have a mommy date, screw the play date....well they would be hilarious to watch poke each other in the faces. So play date too :)

    1. YES! Let's make this happen! You are always welcome at our place downtown, or we can stroll take them to the park. I say we get some Novo springrolls to go and watch the baby face-poking action unfold! :)


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