Monday, February 27, 2012

baby hair...

Did you keep a lock of your baby's hair? Would you?

The dilemma about it is- I don't want to be a pack-rat/what the heck do you do with it/does an adult really care that a piece of their baby hair was kept/will your kids feel obligated to keep stuff like that? As family keepsakes go, I feel like sometimes we all feel obligated to hang onto things simply because our parents or grandparents hung onto them. Generational junk that just sits in a box somewhere in your house just because... and then you see it once every few years when you're organizing or moving and you think, "oh that... well, I can't really get rid of it..." It's a vicious cycle!

I wonder if my great, great, great grandma even cared about that dumb hair comb.

Anyway, I've probably trimmed Elliott's hair 4 times in almost 8 months. The very first time, when he was about a month old... and yes, I kept a tiny piece. Ugh! 


  1. Oh my!!!!!! He is soooo adoarble!

    1. Thanks, K-pants! We like him. :)



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