Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello my friends, our new housekeeper (whom I was SO excited about) was a no-show.  Totally blew me off.  *insert sad face here*  I'm trying to be mature about it, but honestly I'm suuuuper disappointed and kind of pouty.  So... we're seeking another one- and I've lived here long enough to know that word of mouth is the language of SLO.  This is where you come in...    

If you or someone you know is seeking general housekeeping work, please PLEASE get in touch with me, either here on the blog, or via email: slomygosh{at}gmail{dot}com

Thank you SO much!  


  1. Sibling Services SLO?! Just kidding- I'll ask around. Tons of my clients use housekeepers- someone is bound to have a name... :) I'll let you know.

  2. You should Angie's list that unreliable woman's service.. Or lack of... Imagine if you had scheduled guests or a dinner party... So rude to just bag on you!!! Sorry this happens to you...:(


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