Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kawehi Tom, One Woman Band...

If you follow Jeff, you know that he's been really into making and mixing music lately...  
When I came across these covers from Kawehi Tom, I thought he would looove them.  But she's too good for just a link in an email...  She's a one-woman band, and she's AMAZING!  

So here she is in all her Vimeo splendor...  I especially love her great back-beats.  How does she do it?!  And how does she make it look so easy?!  I love the sleepy doggies paying absolutely no attention in the Michael Jackson cover:

And yes, I'm partial to the sound of ukulele- but by the end of this GOTYE cover,
Elliott and I were totally rocking out and dancing around the house like maniacs:

I love this girl.  Check out more of her super fun videos here!

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