Monday, November 19, 2012

Coming sooooooon...

Hello friends!  If you follow me on instagram, you know that I've been editing through my insanely stocked wardrobe and amassing a pretttty impressive pile.  I go through these feng shui fits about once a year and make a nice healthy donation to the Mission Thrift store.  But this time I've really been ruthless deciding what gets to stay and what must be on its way... This time around I'm getting rid of a lot of old favorites and some very special pieces that just don't hold their weight in the inventory.  Many never worn, or worn once.  
This time it's serious.  
So this is like... a garage sale?  Ummm, no.  Can I be totally honest?  I've got clothes issues.  
I like to shop, I like the hunt, and I've collected some incredible pieces over my *eeeeek* 20 years in the fashion industry.  Some of those incredible pieces have made it into this sale.   Yes, you will find lots o vintage, some Marc Jacobs, some Chloe, and possibly some Chanel too (still weighing that one).  Prices will range from $1- $60 per item.  And yes, this gives me anxiety- because I really enjoy having a lot to pull from when putting myself together, but I've made peace with the parting, and I'm excited to see these pieces find new homes.  I'm also super excited to lighten my load, and simplify my life a bit.  
Jeff's going to laugh at that remark, because the edited version is still pretty cuh-ray-zee.  If you saw it you'd be all...

Ok, but seriously... This is the kind of clothing sale I would actually get my butt up early for.  
And that's saying a lot.   

This sale will run on Saturday, December 1st from 10am in Jeff's art space, 
upstairs at 774 Marsh St. in Suite D. 

Stop by for a cookie.  :)


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  1. How late are you "open"? I'm not off til 2 that day :)


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