Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall lookbook, the inside-story...

It's here, it's HERE!!!  I'm so excited to share the new Ambiance Fall lookbook with you at last.  It's fun, the girls look beautiful, and this time I really challenged myself by including original written content.  It was a ton of work, but the result is so rewarding.  I really hope you LOVE it as much as we do.  One funny thing I've noticed is that everyone (E V E R Y O N E) has asked me about the birds you see in that cover shot above... And it's the same question every time! "Is that real?"

Were you wondering too???  Ok, ok.  The truth is... ***drumroll, please*** YES, they are absolutely real.  I have no idea what type of birds they are, but on the morning of our shoot, at our first location - Laguna Lake, we were all a little sleepy, a little nervous, and trying hard to get into a Fall vibe smack dab in the middle of Summer.  Very soon after we started shooting, we noticed hundreds of little black birds hanging out in this big, empty field.  Of course I wanted to include them in a shot, but as we moved closer, the flock became skittish. I wasn't sure when they would all take off, or which direction they would go; so I asked Kalsee to walk backwards, facing me.  She's such a pro.  She traversed the lumpy field, BACKWARDS, moving closer and closer until BAM, they all lifted off the ground at once and flew for their lives!  As they lifted into the air, I shouted "NOW!" to Kalsee and she really came through- I mean, look at that hair!  The girl knows how to werk it.  In a split second, we had this shot, and it was so fun and so thrilling, I knew immediately that we were in for a great day.  :)

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