Sunday, September 29, 2013

S.O.S. it's PARTY TIME!!!

If you weren't at the AMBIANCE, Paso Robles Grand Opening event last night, you totally missed out.  *I'm talking to you, Leah*  Yes, yes... there was Fall fashion, V.I.P. goodies, a live DJ, wine, and gifts- but more importantly there were bazillions of teeny cupcakes, at least a dozen cheeses, and lots of cured meat.  That latter of which I ate while hiding behind my desk for most of the night- texting my mom.  Yeah, it was party-pooper central back there.

I should also mention that I tripped while walking down the stairs, about 10 minutes in.  'Cos I am totally the girl who trips while walking down stairs at parties, and then just sits there for a second thinking: 
Man... I could be at home reading National Geographic in the bathtub right now.
Ok, so the two photos above, are a perfect example of why I should never be allowed at parties.  
Here's Grant, smiling like a normal person, in his epic "Party Time" tee, and myself- documenting the anomaly that is, me leaving my house at night, and not wearing jammies, and being at a party.  IT'S LIKE SEEING A UNICORN!  
Thankfully, James showed up on his scooter and rescued me from my appetizer party of one.  He made me walk around, we watched the DJ, he introduced himself to some people, and he chit-chatted with the ladies.  He even joined me outside for a bit when the whole thing got overwhelming.  Though I will say, once he caught sight of the hors d'oeuvres table, he wasted no time in telling me to get my butt up and go "cheese tasting" with him.  
Gosh, I love this boy so much.  
See?  He made me smile.
And here we have the amazing photo he took of Kannyn and I.  

So, let me now revise my original statement to say this... If you are a normal person, who enjoys parties and mingling, and normal-people fun - you totally missed out.  As for me, I'm pretty sure I had enough partying to last a really long time, and hanging out with James (with cupcakes) was the very best part of my night.  
P A R T Y ! ! !   

Welcome to Paso, Ambiance!  xo

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