SLOmygosh for businesses...

Interested in advertising on SLOmygosh this season?  I'm now accepting new advertisers for May-Aug. 

Along with our SLO-centric/California family and lifestyle posts, we have tons of great fashion, shopping, home design, recipes, reviews, and tutorials planned, as well as some exciting new categories!  
Keeping pace with our readership, these ad rates will increase for Fall 2013, so if you're 
interested in advertising with us, I encourage you to lock in this Summer rate.

Readership is growing daily at an exciting pace, and I have many lovely readers who shop regularly- 
both locally and online; my rates are designed with small businesses in mind, and advertisors are selected carefully with attention to the content and aesthetic of SLOmygosh.  

For further details, please email me at: slomygosh (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you so much!