Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fridge make-over...

The refrigerator... that household vessel of yummy.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, family meals, special occasions, and midnight snacks. Under-appreciated, oft ignored... My poor little fridge was in dire need of some TLC.

Here's something you should know about me- I hate cleaning, and anything that can make the job a little easier, a little more fun, or even slightly *gasp* enjoyable, is worth it! This has resulted in my becoming a bit of a household-product junkie. Sparkly scrubbies and a Hello Kitty sponge with Meyers, Method, Voluspa and Caldrea make the dirty jobs just a little less... well... icky.

Voila! A few quick and easy fixes for the fashionable fridge: Porcelain egg tray in robin's egg blue, vintage pyrex for leftovers (much cuter than tupperware), pretty wire baskets from Ruby Rose lined with Picking Daisies' napkins for fresh fruits and veg.

Just-snipped basil, lavender and mint look and smell terrific in the fridge. Like a surprise bouquet every time you open the door!


  1. Love the new blog AND seeing the Picking Daisies napkins looking so lovely in your fridge! My fridge is looking a bit like your "before" picture, but this bit of inspiration from you may remedy that!

  2. Thanks, Kay! We looove our Picking Daisies napkins. I find endless uses for them, and they make everything just a little bit more fun. :)


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