Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh.Em.Geee... it's the M.N.K.R's!

So as it turns out, (like me) Matt and Kandace- darling duo behind the amazing MNKR t-shirt brand, can't wait around for Todd Selby forever either. Happily, they're willing to accept the generic version of him... ME! This morning the MNKR's opened up their adorable little live/work cottage and granted me full access to the whole abode! I even got a peek at where the magic happens... Hey, I'm talking about the workshop! But yes, I saw the bedroom too.
***bow chicka wow wow***
Enjoy this fun, inside-glimpse at two of my very favorite people, including the other half of my we're-totes-too-old-for-this-but-we--Twilight-anyway club.
Team Edward!

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