Monday, February 13, 2012

mmm... brussel sprouts!

I think brussel sprouts have an undeserved reputation for being... icky. Even my MOM doesn't like them. I was like, whaaat?

I've been on a biiig brussel sprouts kick this past year or so. I make them weekly for a yummy, easy lunch- and then squish one a bit to share with Elliott. He knows what's good. :)

Here's our super simple lunchtime routine:

First I give them a little rinse and chop each one in half lengthwise.
Next I brown a knob of butter in a small pan, and add my brussel sprouts.
Add a bit of salt and pepper.
Give them a good stir, to evenly distribute the butter...
Let them brown and soften just slightly
(about five minutes on a high heat, stirring frequently).

Now I turn the flame down a little...

Cover, and let the brussel sprouts steam for about 5 minutes or so...
until soft- meaning a fork slides through them easily.

Sprinkle with a little Gruyère cheese.

Serve steamy hot.


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