Wednesday, February 8, 2012

mucho mucho happy happy


I got a fun little goody in the mail today from the good folks over at muchomuchobuenobueno.


But before I share it with you, I have a little story...

A few years ago, Jeff was in his shop after dark, after closing, and overheard some people outside talking about the (I'm spelling this phonetically for you) "Cluh-sahhn Gallery". Those guys had no idea what an amazing gift they'd given us... A new, awesome, slightly-ridiculous nickname for Jeffrey. Nicknames and inside-jokes come and go, but this one made the short-list of all time favorites in record time. Whenever he was sassy, or being artist-y (if you've ever been in a relationship with one, you'll know what I mean), or winning art awards, or selling art, or getting press... he was no longer Jeff Claassen, he was Clasahn; and Clasahn was always referred to in the third person.

Over time, this nickname has evolved from a joke into a genuine term of endearment. It's also been shortened to Sahnzy. Or alternately, Sahnzy-licious, Sahnzy-pants, or Sahnzy Junior (for Elliott) and Sahnzy Senior (for Jeff's dad). In fact, it's almost startling for me to hear "Jeff" as opposed to "Sahnzy". Like, when your mom called you by your first and your middle name as a kid- and you knew things were serious.

So without further ado... My ode to Sahnzy:




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  1. oh my! coolest ring ever! wear it with pride.


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