Friday, March 9, 2012


My grandma had this great trick for trimming bangs... 
You lay a piece of scotch tape across them- right where you want to cut.  
Use the tape as a guide for a super straight line.  
When you're all done the messy trimmed hair is all stuck to the tape!  Voila!  :)


  1. okay, this is totally random- is this the pink Dior lipstick that you mentioned in your recent lipstick post? because I love this color and think I need to have it!! :)

    1. It's the Dior over a lip stain. I think it's over Stila "Raspberry Crush". ♥

    2. ooo, I'll check it out! thanks!!

    3. Funny story.... I went into sephora today to check out this color combo. I picked up the stila lip stain you mentioned and the lovely but forward Russian lady that works there saw me pick up the tester. She said and I quote "ach no, no, no! Not a good color for you, put that back for a better one! No, no, no, it's too bright, not nice!" then proceeds to hand me a spehora basket and says "take this basket and find better things for you"! I had to laugh! I did get a gorgeous Dior lipstick called Avenue. I didn't run it by her, though! Haha!!

    4. Oh my gosh, that lady cracks me up. I don't handle things like that well... "Things" meaning strangers talking to me. I'd be like: "Ohhh kay, thanks." And then go back and pick it up again after she walked away. But lucky you, finding new Dior! :D


    5. Yeah, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I didn't want to have to explain to her that I was trying to get out of my comfort zone! If I had really wanted it I would have gone back to get it but it was a bit bright for my first outing, outside my box! I like to shop undisturbed too!

      I'm pretty good at *pretending* to be at ease in social situations or experiences like that because of my job but inside I'm dying!!!!! Outside of my job, I'm really shy!!! It's taken me a year of going to Zumba classes to finally introduce myself and make some friends! (and that was literally on Tuesday!)


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