Friday, March 23, 2012

NOVO love...

It's no secret that I'm a huge Novo fan. It's not just that I'm addicted to the spring rolls and the scallops... It's not just the incredible creekside setting... A few years ago the good folks at Novo even allowed me to invade their kitchen when I found myself tormented over the prospect of culinary school. They're the sweetest.

 Ok, the truth is, I love everything about Novo. I love that it's a fun, casual spot to catch up with girlfriends and share tapas. I love that I can roll in with a baby and stroller and know that no one's going to glare at me. And like that perfect versatile dress that transitions seamlessly from day to night, after dark Novo magically transforms itself into the most beautifully lit, romantic restaurant in town. I'm partial to the lavender cocktail and chocolate truffle desserts; best served on the terrace under big, twinkling trees.

 likes to tease me for ordering their take-out all the time, because he thinks it's "fancy".  
Fine... it's a little fancy, but did you know that Novo offers its take-out orders at a 20% discount? 
 A happy customer is extra fancy!
I am a verrry happy Novo customer. Can you tell? :)


HAVE A REALLY HAPPY WEEKEND, EVERYONE!  The weather is so beautiful.  Evy's performing with her baton troupe at the Madonna Inn tomorrow, and then...  Paso is calling our name.  What about you guys?  Do you have plans, or are you more the "wing it" type?


  1. Coral, jeff's facebook took Justin and i to your blog and we love it. we went to Novo when we came to visit last year...and we loved it too! fancy shmancy. good is good.

    sending love to all of yous.
    cassidy and justin.

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet feedback, Cassidy. I hope you're both doing really well, and get a chance to come back up to SLO again SOON. You have to meet Elliott! :)

    2. I KNOW! i can't wait. i'm leaving tomorrow to go shoot in santa fe on and off for three maybe this summer we'll take a drive north and come find you guys...

    3. I was wondering if your Santa Fe thing had worked out... congratulations! :)

  2. I had no idea that they offered a 20% discount on takeout!! I will definitely take advantage of that. I too am a huge Novo fan. I love their chicken chow novo and creme brulee.

    As for travelling, I just made a last minute two day trip to LA this weekend. It was so worth it! Finally got to go to the Santa Monica Pier and see the Getty again.

    1. That's awesome, Caitlin! Fun weekends out of town are the best. :D

  3. Oh my this is my favorite at Novo too! I actually haven't ordered anything else there b c I love these so much...maybe I should branch out sometime? Thanks for the take-out tip <3


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