Friday, March 30, 2012

the perils of providing...

All's quiet on the blog front, my friends, as I battle a horrifically painful 

(warning... TMI incoming)

blocked milk duct.  I'm not going to sugar-coat it, it's totally miserable.  I am totally miserable.  
I just yelled at Jeff for walking into his own living room!  Ok, stop reading now because it's going in the direction of a rant...  The pain is actually nauseating.  And you know what, no one warns you about this sort of thing when they talk about how lovely and healthy and natural and beautiful it is to breastfeed your baby.  They also don't warn you about the exhaustive toll it takes on your body.  It's absolutely draining.  Pun intended.  End rant.

If by some miracle you have stuck with me this far, and you have even the slightest suggestion as to treatment, I am open to trying just about anything.  For reference, I have soaked in a hot bath, nursed nursed nursed, compressed, and pumped.  Also, I am typing with a hot water bottle on my left boob.  Yes, that was an embarrassing sentence to type.  Antibiotics will be the last, laaast resort.  Yuck.  

In the meantime, I will be commandeering the couch, the T.V, the water bottle, any dark chocolate in the house, and the first season of Downton Abbey on DVD.

*(idyllic and not at all relatable to my current condition) 
Nursing Mother Painting, Mary Cassatt 1899


  1. Downton Abbey and dark chocolate can fix most pain in the world, I believe. **hugs!**

    1. i was stuck watching you tube videos with headphones on last night because downtown abbey makes me want to poke sewing needles in my eyeballs. coral has basically had it on repeat for the last 48 hours.

  2. Oh man, I'm so sorry! I'm a high school friend of Jeff's and a midwife in Seattle (and a LOVER of your blog!) and if you want advice, please call me! I have ideas for you. Just make sure it doesn't turn into an actual infection. (206) 250-4437. I hope you feel better soon! -Erin

    1. WOW, Erin! That is SO thoughtful and sweet. I would LOVE to hear your advice. I don't want to bug you on a Saturday though! Today seems just a little bit better than yesterday was, so I'm crossing my fingers that the worst is over and it's on the mend. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your offer to help. You're so awesome. ♥

  3. Yep, moist heat, lots of nursing, compression... no bras!

    So sorry, its awful! I hope you recover soon!!


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