Wednesday, April 11, 2012

British Motor Sports and Bikinis...

YAY, YOU GUYS!!!  My swim photos for Ambiance came out today!  
I'm suuuper excited to share more of them with you at last.  Can you tell?  :)

This was a challenging job... swimsuits + downtown + no water + no sand + very little sun
= Yikes.

But I'm so happy with them!  Anissa was a real trouper, the balloons were a great prop, and the amazing cars at British Sports Cars on Marsh St. worked so perfectly with the retro-inspired cuts of the suits.  Special thanks to Peter, for giving us run of the place (again).  Maaaybe my favorite work photos yet.  

P.S. The last time we did photos at the auto shop:


  1. great photos!!! (and some super cute suits!!!) gonna have to stop by and check them out!!! great job coral!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Leah! Yes, the suits are cuuuuute! The one piece with the cherry print was deemed most comfy and I'm kinda coveting that stripey cover-up too. :)

    2. love the cover up and the HAT, that's fabulous!!!!


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