Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Camping...

Are you a happy camper?

Wanna know the truth about me?  I'm not a good camper.  In my everyday life, this really isn't an issue.  But...  (oh the "but")  Jeffrey and his family are camping folk.  The real kind.  With long drives to campsites, tents, and cooking over fire...  Lord, give me strength.  

Ok, I freely admit that this isn't the end of the world.  I'm not proud of the fact that I have such an aversion to smelling like smoke, that I avoid entire blocks of Farmers Market on Thursdays.  And that smell wafting through the sky on Thursday nights is as close to camping as I care to get.  No, really.  Really

Here's the dilemma, friends...  

The Claassen's have planned a family camping trip and I have been instructed to "suck it up, and do it for the kids".  Urrghhh...  Really?  Do kids need camping?  I think my distaste for the outdoors came about from my own dad's enthusiasm for it.  I've slept through a storm at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and sat on the side of the road watching him fix a Winnebago through numerous states.  I'm not sure that he needed to do that for me, but thank you regardless, dad.  

I'm trying to get my head into camping-mode - and yes, trying not to be such a panty about it all.  In this period of mental preparation, I'm thinking about the things that will make me happy and comfortable on the trip (in hopes of sparing others of my woe-is-me face).  I even have a camping inspiration board.  Ready?

I AM SO SERIOUS, you guys.  

I imagine myself smelling like peppermint Dr.Bronner's soap (not campfire), and wearing my Hunter boots with vintage tunic dresses...  and my hair is inexplicably way longer too.  And wavy.  Yeah.  Totally wavy.  NATURALLY, wavy though.  And I subsist on marshmallows, perfectly toasted over an odorless flame.  I sit in my Cath Kidston teepee surrounded by cushy pillows with jingly pompoms on the corners, journaling about my experience in nature.  Am I forgetting anything here?  

AH!  I also fly-fish like a pro.  But, you know, in a gorgeous Free People-y kind-of way.  Duh.

And the title of my future best-selling book?  GLAMPING.


*Let's Sleep Under Stars print, via The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy


  1. Oh dear... I feel your pain. My definition of camping is "having to do all the things you regularly do daily, but under the worst of circumstances". Shortly after Mark and I were married, I somehow convinced him to sell all his camping equipment at a garage sale. We've now been married 25 years, so I think he's forgiven me. And.... we've never been camping!

    1. Oh my gosh, Kay... that's hilarious. I looooooove your camping definition.

      And BRAVO to you for 25 years! Amazing. ♥

    2. I love camping, especially with my kids. I must admit a lot of work is involved in camping. I mean, heating up water in order to wash your dishes...just so that the water is practically cold by the time you get halfway through those dishes? Kind of insane. You may do all the crappy things you always have to do at home (except dirtier)....but what about all the rest?
      How often do you get the chance to not have to pull your children from all of the electronics of various sorts that are trying to suck their brains out through their eyeballs? They naturally just pick up sticks and rocks and leaves along with various bugs and scamper around beautifully in nature as they should. And the stars? That quiet time right after the kids finally stop giggling and farting and whatnot in their tents...and you get to just look up and see the tops of the great big trees and all of the beautiful stars in ways you never get to see at home...that is so worth it. I don't know. There is something about working and laughing all day with your family and then falling asleep hours earlier than you usually would, and so quickly (because you worked your arse off all day), that just somehow seems right and natural and as it should be. Plus we have the annoying 8 to 10 hour work shifts at our camping is the exact opposite of all that madness and a lovely change.
      I do hope you can enjoy it and decide that campfire smoke is not desired on the day to day, but really quite lovely when sleeping under the stars.

    3. Awww, Nanette... of course I can count on you to give me a great perspective on the situation. Actually, I am getting a little more excited- thinking about the kids swimming in a lake, and jumping off of rocks. The dishwashing sounds pretty grim, but maybe I'll delegate that to Jeff. :)

      You're so right about it seeming "right and natural and as it should be." I love that. ♥

      I love you for breaking it down like that (beyond "suck it up") and describing it realistically for all the good and the bad... farts in the tent, and all. :)


  2. this just made me CRAVE being in the woods... instead im stuck at work and its only 10:30!!! aah

    1. I can only hope that someday I too will know what it feels like to "crave being in the woods". Haha!


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