Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hot days call for... cupcakes?

With the weather spiking up to the 90's lately- we've started breaking out the cupcake to cool off!

Elliott's looooving it.  He'll play in it until he's completely worn out- and then take a nice, long nap.  

Yes, he's even taking cup-cakey bubble baths.

Everyone needs a giant cupcake in their lives! 

Evelyn couldn't resist getting in on the cupcake action too.  

I must admit, it does look pretty inviting... 
though if I decide to take the plunge squat, I'll spare us all the evidence.  


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  2. Where did you find that cupcake kiddie pool?

  3. Bubbles.... Pretty cool special effects! Heeheeehaahaaa!

  4. OMG, where, oh WHERE did you get that gnome watering can?!?!?! I'm a gnome freak!!!!!! I have them all over my house and garden, I must have it!!! The cupcake pool is freaking adorable too. :)

    1. ps... after, months upon months of not blogging, myself-you've inspired me to blog about my gnomies! I'm gonna make it happen! :) <3 thanks!!

    2. It's from Miner's! They had a ton of them, and I *think* we paid around $9. It holds so much water, I love it. :)

    3. AND I'm super stoked that you're blogging. That's awesome! Looking forward to reading about your gnomes. :)

    4. Thanks! Miners has the BEST gnome stuff!! They carry a brand of statuary called: Woodland Garden Gnomes- I have 4 or 5 of them!! I should have known miners would have that! Miners shares my love for all things gnome!

      My blog so far has been mostly food with a few personal things, but I think it's the best choice as an outlet for my gnome obsession! Thanks for the inadvertent inspiration!! :)


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