Friday, June 15, 2012

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I'm usually a lip-stain fanatic, but from time to time I go through a lipstick phase.  
When I do, I use these three (my all-time favorites)...
The color of this wonderful collaboration between lipstick guru, Poppy King and J.Crew, is pretty amazing.  Though it looks very orangey-red and bright, it's actually slightly sheer.  It's also super comfy, moisturizing, and even... subtle (for a red lipstick).  I love this as an everyday-option with denim, a white tee shirt, and my Bensimon sneakers.  It's fragrance-free, and the case is a little bit rubbery, which makes on-the-go touch ups really easy and oops-proof (I definitely need that).  Wearing this shade makes me feel very lady-like.   
I imagine myself skipping around New York in a trench coat, heels, and a cute clutch- listening to Bebel Gilberto.

This is Diorkiss from Christian Dior, and it's my go-to pink shade.  Again, it feels very comfortable on the mouth- very smooth and gloss-like.  The color is highly pigmented, yet translucent and never feels out of place; a blue-pink with really delicate shimmer.  I could literally wear this with anything and it would look just right.  Extremely feminine, and pretty.  The case is so fancy and designed, it's really fun to use.  I love that it's not black, and I love the shape- it feels lovely in your hands.  You can't help but feel a little bit glamourous when you pull this out.  Wearing this shade makes me want to wear vintage dresses and skip through a meadow.  In soft-focus, obvs.  Or maybe, lay poolside at the Chateau Marmont listening to Edith Piaf.

Ohhhh, Ruby Woo...  this is the intense, classic red that MAC is so famous for.  Make no mistake, this is a RED red.  Really red.  Not for subtly, not for blending in... not to be ignored.  This is the Ferrari in my make up arsenal that begs to be taken out for a spin every now and then.  It's also my only matte lipstick, which is an amazing, retro throw-back sort of look.  Have you tried matte lipstick?  You couldn't do a red this super pigmented in a gloss or shine without teetering over into brazen territory.  Well, maybe you could... I couldn't.  Being matte, it will dry out your lips, and so I always keep a really good lip conditioner handy when I wear it.  It can be a little intimidating when you first swipe it on, but this gorgeous blue-based red, makes me feel like I could rule the world.  It's a fun, powerful color, and I love wearing it and building an outfit around it.  Surprisingly, this integrates well with many different colors... teals and turquoise, navy blues, mustardy yellows, creams and whites, nudes, greys, black, even an emeraldy green... Just remember, this will be the focal point - no matter what you wear with it.  Incidentally, it looks outstanding with pearls.  The bottom line- even if you're in ratty sweatpants and a t-shirt covered in baby barf, you will feel like Marilyn Monroe when you put this on.  Pairs well with any Maria Callas album.  ;)

What lipsticks do you wear and love?

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  1. I used to be a lipstick girl- I mean MAC Viva Glam (original vampy red) every. single. day.- but now I'm a lipgloss gal (or as a co-worker affectionately calls me- a lipgloss whore!) I have a ton!!! Right now I'm all about nude and pink shades. My favorite is NARS Belize. But I do still branch out into lipstick territory and my favorites are: DiorAddict #178, NARS Little Darling and NARS Dolce Vita- All nude or pale pink. Although I am coveting a raspberry shade from Dior that just might make it into my makeup bag for fall!


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