Wednesday, June 6, 2012

QE2 x 60= ♥

Though her relevancy and politics can be argued endlessly...  I adore Queen Elizabeth.  

I am SO excited about her Diamond Jubilee celebration.  I love the idea of celebrating her in this huge, grand way while she's alive and well, and able to partake in all of it.  Like Huckleberry Finn hearing his eulogy...  this is truly a celebration of life- a life not asked for, not campaigned for- and without respite.  I'm so thrilled that she's around to revel in the adoration.  Of course, I'm not alone.  It seems the entire world is using the jubilee as an excuse to smile, wave a flag, feel a bit nostalgic, a bit patriotic, and generally appreciate our older generation.  Whatever your opinion of the British Monarchy, it's hard to ignore the endurance of this small woman who has presided over a great country, through thick and thin- for 60 years.  I think she's remarkable and inspiring.  This article by Max Hasting's says it all much more eloquently than I'm equipped to convey.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I thought it would be great to share some of my favorite images of QE2 with you...

I'm curious, do you guys have any interest in the jubilee?  What's your opinion of the Queen?


  1. this is the first i've heard about it and now that i know about it i am slightly bummed i can't erase the knowledge from my memory. love you.

    1. Which is why I didn't burden you with it in the first place, you big chilihead.

      That don't make no nevermind to me.


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