Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping... the countdown.

You guys, Jeff bought a tent.  This camping thing is legit.  

No, it's not the totally unrealistic, totally darling Cath Kidston teepee I had my heart set on...  


It's this beast:

The water-proof/weather-proof, 10-bazillion person, last-forever, Elliott poo-colored, smart person tent from Coleman.  Sure, if you're into that whole practical/rational/normal thing.  I'm not gonna lie...  seeing the tent made this whole thing feel much more real, and I almost cried.  ALMOST.  But I am keeping it together, accepting it, and preparing myself for the inevitable.  "Preparing" in this case - means outfits.  Scoff all you want, Claassen family, outfitting myself is how I deal with difficult situations.  Properly outfitted, I can be/do/accomplish/conquer ANYTHING.  Even camping.  


How I imagine camping-me will look...
Dudes!  I have that expression MASTERED!  Elliott even does a great impression of it:
And the boots... I will be wearing the boots.  Not in green, in "Midnight Sparkle".  Duh.

How camping-me will actually look:

1. Madewell fedora, with pheasant feather band
2. Vintage polka dot cotton shell tank
3. Charlotte Tarantola cardigan blazer
4. J Crew Tomboy shorts
5. H&M Leopard flats

Ok, don't laugh!  This is how I do "outdoors-y", people (and yes, I fully acknowledge that this is ridiculous).   But home is my happy place, and camping is like... the opposite of that.  Kay, at Picking Daisies described it as follows:  "...having to do all the things you regularly do daily, but under the worst of circumstances".  Truth, Kay.  Truth...  Honestly though, I've found that putting these camping ensembles together is my niche!  It might be my secret to embracing camping.  I'd even venture to say that I'm teetering on enthusiasm!  Ok, let's not go crazy, Coral - maybe uhhh... interest is a better word for it.  Yeah.  

Camping?  Pfft...  I got this.  :)

*Next up... gear.  I'm trying to convince myself that "gear" does not mean tent decor.  I'm alllllmost there, Sahnzy!  Looove youuu!


  1. ok coral, you did not consult the master camper! i think you should come by and we can spif-if-fy your camping gear. i agree that the correct outfit is important in any situation, all perfectly acceptable. we have gear that you can borrow that may make you skip.

    1. Oh my gosh, Stephanie... you are SO RIGHT! I need to Ruby Rose-ify this experience!

      Though, you can be sure that there will be a duffle bag full of excellent Ruby Rose vintage dresses paired with those Hunter boots. You can take the girl out of SLO-HO... ;)

  2. Haha! this is great!!! Now, I for one love camping- it's how we vacationed when I was a child- but having said that I've never been the adult camping with children, so good luck with that!!!

    And Stephanie is right- I happen to know that's she's the master camper- you couldn't have a better resource at your fingertips!!!

    Oh and if you do go camping in those leopard print flats you deserve some kind of award! :)

    1. Hahaha! Award me. It's SO happening. ♥

  3. I definitely think you'll have the (familial) facial expression down-pat! I probably taught you that one precisely... I see your doing your part in the gene pool too... Comfort is all in the planning for the worse case scenario, you'll be just fine, however please skip the DVF luggage ensemble! I know you so well....

    1. No, no, no... I've already got it all planned, mom. I'm looking at the campsite as a set that needs site-appropriate set-dressing... The DVF luggage would just look ridiculous. This scenario calls for the equestrian-themed Le Sport Sac. AMIRIGHT?

  4. Anonymous8/6/12 17:28

    Why arnt you excited for the ca,ping trip it will be sooooo fun (at least for a 10yr old


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