Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So sayeth Sahnzy...

Aside from Elliott peeing on my Tempurpedic- this is what I woke up to this morning... 
Sweet, right?

And then there was this...
Eazy-E blasting out of his iphone, and Jeffrey rapping the lyrics in my face.  
I feel like I can hear it coming out of the photo.  Lucky me.

Oh, this guy...

Sooo, I've been casually gathering, collecting, and sitting on some choice quotes from him, 
and rather than wait for more- I'm just going to share a few of them with you now:

"I don't like you laughing when it's not at my jokes... unless you share."

"I love you.  You're my best friend... don't ever cross me though."

"Just accept it, silly.  Just like I have to accept the fact that you think shoes in the house is going to cause a plague."

"They're being real chiliholes about this talent show."

"You are the pineapple on the Hawaiian pizza of my life."

"Sometimes thinking of you even makes my headaches go away."


Yes, this is my life.  And the man I chose to spend it with.  Ummm...


  1. OH! I love it!! I collect my husband's quotes too- I keep telling him that I'm going to turn it into a book and call it "The World According to Daniel" I also want him to rewrite history from his perspective, cuz it's hilarious!!

    thanks for sharing some of Jeff's wisdom with us all! (as well as your oh, so pleasant morning wake up call!) :) sigh, that's a happy home right there! :)

    1. "The World According to Daniel"... hahaha! I love that idea. Oh my gosh, "The World According to Jeff" would just be too much. I could never do it though, because probably 80% of our dialogue is inside-jokes and movie quotes. If anyone ever bugged our house and listened to our life, they'd think we were idiots. OR mad-geniuses speaking in code... Hmm... :)

    2. yeah, my husband says that no one would read it but me or at least no one would find it funny but me!

      we frequently have conversations or scenarios where we end it with "oh man if someone was a fly on the wall just then...." or 'if that had been filmed, we'd be in trouble"! we are always talking in code or funny voices OR singing to each other- and not in a nice way but in a "oh man I'd pay you to stop" kind of way. But that's why we dorks are all together- somebody's got to be weird in the same way you are and encourage it!! I feel sorry for people that are too serious! :)

  2. As your mother, I only want the very best things life has to offer for you... and it's so obvious you have gotten it and much more... A truly wonderful man to share it with., love you Jeffrey!

    1. Ohhhh, mama- that's so sweet. :)

      He liked it. ♥


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