Saturday, July 14, 2012

I secretly wish...

I secretly wish today was August 14th.  Wanna know why? 
Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me is due out August 14th! 
First of all, here's something you should know about me... I love love love cover songs.  LOVE them.  Ask Jeffrey, it probably drives him crazy.  If there's an obscure cover to be found, I will seek it out.  Here's the thing... I kinda feel like cover songs are special because it's not just the original artist's experience we're hearing- it's an entirely separate person's reaction to that song as well.  And as any music lover can attest, songs are powerful- they resonate, posses, and attach themselves to people, places and events.  So many songs have become auditory memories in my life.  I feel like a truly great cover song conveys double the passion and experience of the original.  Granted those are few and far between, and most covers just fall flat- but when they're good, they're amazingly good and I'm a big fan.  I've got a good feeling about the covers on this album.  
For this compilation, I'm especially psyched about Karen Elson's gritty Gold Dust Woman, Lyyke Li's haunting Silver Springs, Storms by Matt Sweeney and Bonnie "Prince" BIlly, and Antony's Landslide.  I also really like the Best Coast rendition of Rhiannon, it sounds somehow lighter; a slightly bubbly version of the original.
While we're on the subject, can we just pause for a minute to appreciate the fabulousness that is Stevie Nicks?  
If this woman doesn't make you secretly yearn to be a rockstar, I don't even know...
Ugh! She makes me look like such a boho-wannabe, in all my Free People gear!
And is this ombre hair, or IS THIS OMBRE HAIR?
Seriously!!!  No wonder she caused so much scandal, she's a total hottie!  
Bring on the biopic, already!

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