Monday, July 16, 2012

If a fanzine writer becomes a mom, does a tree fall in the forest?

Not gonna lie... Kinda obsessed with Dreamshow lately.
I think I've listened to The Girl's Out 50x in the last month.  Oop... no, iTunes says it's more like 88x.  Even better.  I'd love to say that I'm hip enough to source this sort of thing on my own through blogs, zines, hand-drawn show posters, and obscure venues in Honolulu, San Diego, and Austin- and years ago, that would have been true.  But I have 3 kids, an artist, and two businesses to wrangle; which means that nowadays I find my music through JCrew ads.  *hangs head in shame*


They've also got a suuuuper random tumblr full of gems like this: 
my band dreamshow has a show tonight at 168 delancy downstairs/ we’re playing material off the just-about-to-be released debut album Good Morning. This interior is my mind at the best moments.
and this:
Oh, you crazy music makers...

Download Dreamshow's latest album Good Morning for freebies right here, and their debut album Dreamshow here.  
You're welcome.  :)

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