Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loving the ride...

I've been having so much fun taking pictures.  Stephanie and Kalsee let me play paparazzi last week...  Super fun!  :)   And you guys... someone contacted me to shoot a wedding!  I was like, what-whaaat?  SO incredibly flattering.  I was happy to recommend a photographer friend with actual wedding experience, but it felt super awesome to be asked.  Isn't it funny how opportunities present themselves when you least expect it?  I love that.


  1. love it when opportunity knocks! If there was a time machine we could go back in time and you could shoot my wedding! :) I love your photographic eye! I'm excited about our little venture!! :)

    1. THANKS SO MUCH, LEAH! I don't think I'd ever shoot a wedding. Can you imagine the scary pressure???? Oh my gosh, you could completely break someone's heart if the photos went wrong. But I'd totally document the day as a guest. Actually, we got a wedding invitation in the mail today- and I know it will be so sweet and so beautiful. I'm really excited to take pictures of it.

      Also, YES! I'm super excited about our tutorial too! We can do it upstairs at Ambiance if you'd be into that... The light is really beautiful up there since the back wall came down. Lemme know. ;)

    2. First of all-YES I'm way into that!!! That's much better than my dirty alley idea-haha!! I'll email you and we'll figure everything out! Yippee!!

      And second, I don't blame you for not wanting to do weddings on a professional level- ugh- I won't even do hair for it. Even the nicest girls can become horrendous brides- I've seen it! After watching a completely awesome competent stylist brought to tears I vowed to never do it again. (although I make exceptions for friends and family). Anyway you would have been great at my wedding! We didn't have a photographer, it was just my mom with a digital camera haha!!


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