Tuesday, August 21, 2012

$250 shopping spree... YOU CAN WIN THIS!

Hey you guys, have you entered the AMBIANCE shopping spree contest yet? 
  DO IT!  The contest ends today!  I'm a big believer in contests, and I've won two in the past two years.  That might not seem like a lot... but what if I told you that I've only entered 4 in the past two years?  Seriously!  Anyway... AMBIANCE is giving away a $250 Free People shopping spree 
and it takes about 30 seconds to enter.  30 SECONDS!  

The odds of winning are worth 30 seconds.  


What would you get at AMBIANCE with $250?
I'd snag this pair of wildflower print Current Elliott stilettos - in a heartbeat!

I'm not allowed to enter, so I genuinely hope YOU win.

{Jeans photo via Colette Paris}

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