Monday, August 20, 2012

A very SLO morning...

Have you walked around downtown early in the morning?

I love the way it feels before the daily hustle and bustle begins.  When the air is cool and it's just coffee drinkers and church-goers out and about...  Our little downtown has so many personalities, doesn't it?  
The early morning peace, the mid-day rush, the evening lull, and the late-night revel.  I can't say that I love all of them, but I certainly do enjoy being a spectator.  

This week the kids and I took advantage of that brief hour or so early in the morning, when the light is golden and glowing and the cocoa tastes extra cozy.  We strolled through the empty plaza and watched a family of creek ducks take their morning baths.  James and Evy did cartwheels and karate kicks that left Elliott in awe.  And just as we finished up our walk and emptied our hot cups, the big, loud trucks began to roll in with deliveries, shopkeepers unlocked their doors, and the air shifted from crisp and light to swollen and sluggish in all of half a block.

On days like this, I think... Summer will never end.

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