Thursday, August 2, 2012

Free People, and gum wall'ing, and stuff...

I had so much fun today with Anissa.  Remember her from the bikini shoot?
Ambiance is celebrating Fall fashion from Free People this month (really pretty).
I can't believe we're talking about the Fall transition fashion already... wasn't the first day of Summer like, yesterday???  
But it all looks beautiful.  Lots of rich knits and embroidery, mustardy hues, and fun pattern play.  
So we did photos.  Around 700 of em.  I love taking pictures in this big room flooded with light.  
And did you know that there's a secret sliding glass door above the gum wall?  I totally spy on everyone from up there, and giggle at the endless exclamations of "EEEEWW, GROSS" coming from down below as they first encounter the wall.  This is promptly followed by a collective "Whoooa" as they take that first step into the alley.  They pop a piece of gum into their mouth, chew it just to the point of stickiness, and then ever so gingerly attempt to leave their mark- 
without ever making contact with the wall itself.  They also like to remark about the smell.
It's usually something like... "It smells so nasty!  But in a good way."
Hilarious, I tell ya...  ANYWAY.  Yes, photos...  Fun.  Super good day.  :)  
Isn't Anissa the cutest?  I love working with her.  And how great is that reclaimed wood wall?!
Ohmygosh.  I feel like I need one in my house.   
Behind-the-scenes... (thanks, Grant)


  1. yep, that reclaimed wood wall is definitely fabulous! how perfect are all of these looks. adore!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks so much, TJ! It's certainly my new favorite wall. :)

      We did more photos yesterday and added a PUPPY to the mix. Needless to say, we were all OD'ing on cuteness yesterday. And of course eating up all the amazing Fall fashion offerings.

  2. Really fun pictures! Anissa is a great subject and the clothes too! Mostly I love the blogger herself, who would also make a lovely subject... Let's get more pictures of C.

    1. Let's see more pictures of L!


  3. beautiful!!! I love it all- and her hair is so stinkin' pretty!! I love that way you photograph!! We need to make that next tutorial happen :)

    1. Excited for MONDAY! :)

    2. Me too!!!!!!! I'm making s'mores cupcakes! Do you like marshmallow?

    3. Oh wait! You already said something about liking s'mores cupcakes! Ask kannyn if she's okay with marshmallow :)


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