Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspiration: Audrey

While reading our recent book club pick (- the unanimously adored) GRACE, by VOGUE stylist, Grace Coddington; this excerpt stayed with me:

"...Audrey Hepburn, too, was so chic and adorable in her skinny pants and little pumps. I loved Audrey, not only through her films but because of some reportage photos I saw in the magazine Picture Post that struck a chord. She was shown happily riding around on her bike and cooking in her tiny apartment. Everything was so clean and shiny.  I aspired to live in exactly that same perfect way."

Of course I found myself on a googling marathon to find and inspect the original editorial, and then voila!  Grace (per usual) was 100% correct in adoring and emulating the darling domesticity of Audrey's teeny, clean, simplistic, "perfect" home style.  I especially love the idea of having such spare and dainty garbage- that you could actually get away with newspaper lining your bin.  We recycle, we feed scraps of veggie and fruit detritus to our bunny... but never in a million years, could I get away with a newspaper-lined bin!  I mean seriously... gorgeous, graceful, humanitarian, sweetheart- and apparently even her garbage was lovely.  
Could Audrey Hepburn have been more dreamy?!

Audrey forever.

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  1. We are big Audrey fans in this this house- she's just lovely! Audrey is the front runner for names for girls if we get lucky enough to have a wee one, in honor of Ms Hepburn!


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