Thursday, February 14, 2013

To my permanent Valentine...

Neither of us remember anniversaries- and neither of us is bothered by this.  
If you ever forgot about Valentine's Day, however... well, you know...  Because today is our day.

Early early early this morning, while the light was half-way between night and day, Elli's head was heavy on my arm; And as the warmth and sensation drained from my right hand, and you struggled to sleep with me taking over most of your pillow, 
I sighed... unable to control the grin taking over my entire face.

The friend of my friend with the little art gallery over the bbq place. The baby I never thought we'd have.  Our terrible, un-functional, too-crowded house (that we're making the most of while we have it).

Hunnuh, I am so proud to be yours, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have you.  Thank you for anchoring our crazy ship and keeping it afloat no matter how many "unnecessary pillows" and Ruby Rose treasures I bring home.  Thank you for still carrying Evy to bed- no matter how big she gets, and for being the good guy to my bad guy when I reach the end of my rope.  You are the most fun, patient, and loving daddy in the world.  And of course, that just makes me love you bazillions of times more.

Thank you for choosing me, and letting me choose you.  You are the very center of my heart, and I am so honored to be yours.  You make my whole world brighter and better, every day.  Thank you for making me the luckiest person I know.


  1. LOVE!! so incredibly sweet!!!! Happy Valentine's Day you Lovebirds!!!!!!

  2. i almost cried. thank you so much, hunnuh! i love you lots.

  3. I AM crying!!!!!! And smiling through the mama joy tears!!!! :)


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