Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few things...

Helloooooo from blog-desertionville!  If you follow along on instagram, you'll know that we have finally finally FINALLY found a new house.  *cue choir of angels*  The level of excitement about it in our house is like... off the charts.  We're excited.  A lot.  It will be a huge change, and there is a  T O N  of work to do.  Moving is always awful, but in case you were curious, moving a family of 5 is the pits x 10,000.  Does that sound whiney?  It's not, because we are absolutely thrilled beyond belief to make this move.  Expect a crazy inundation of DIY's, Before + After's, and "inspiration folder" images coming your way with absolutely no consistency between now and August.  I know, I know... I'm out of control.  Maybe in September I'll get my act together and whip this blog into shape.  Anyway, on this random Tuesday, I'm sitting here with a little teeny window of totally unexpected free time, so what do I do with it?  I blog a little.  Disclaimer: Please pardon the utter lack of direction or purpose in this post.  I'm rusty.


Because blogging without pictures is no fun for anyone, here's a little peek at our most recent shenanigans..

Running naked through the sprinklers.  The calendar can say whatever it wants- this was the official start to our summer.

The moment Elliott realized... Why yes, there is such a thing as too much love. 

Rearranging Exploring at the Call Booth House.

Our (soon to be) new house.

And it wouldn't be utter chaos without a proper flashback for no reason...

My aunt sent this to me today, and I actually REMEMBER being in the 10 Little Indians School.  Probably because they made me take a nap.  When my Aunt asked what I was thinking with that pose- I actually wish I could've said "Who knows?!"  But the truth is, I'm doing that same pose in several other photos taken around the same time... in ballet class, on the beach, and in a Halloween costume.  I had to hang my head in shame and admit, "it was kind of my signature move".  

That's it.  Enjoy your Tuesday!  


  1. Randomness is how my brain works... Welcome to my world! Cute post!

  2. You have a very busy, yet very memorable summer coming up! thanks for taking the time to share again!!! Love, Aunt Nickie

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