Sunday, September 1, 2013

Blogging on borrowed time...

First, a quick overview of the current situation...

WHO:       Me.
WHAT:     Blogging when I should be using my time wisely and catching up on my work.
WHEN:     Late Sunday night.
WHERE:    Jeff's art studio.
WHY:       'Cuz it's way more fun than doing my actual work.
HOW:       Because my mom's visiting, and taking care of the kids.   P A R T Y !

Ok, so this guy...
Obviously I like him, but sometimes something happens that makes me think - yeah, I really like him.

You know how artist bios are these really brief little stale statements like... 
I'm so-and-so and I've been painting for blah blah blah, in the style of _________.  I trained at such-and-such, graduated in _______.  I'm amazing and innovative and I won this and that...  

No?  You're not familiar?  They're the lamest blurbs ever written and after reading them, I just want my 30 seconds back.  They're the stale saltine cracker of bios.

Except this one, written by that craisin air-jumper up there recently:


"Batch" - Mixed Media on Wood

"Survival" - Mixed Media on Canvas

Jeff Claassen

Jeff lives on strict diet of cereal and Thai iced tea with an occasional chocolate donut. Despite his poor dietary choices he has been pumping out colorfully bold paintings since before you had an email address and carried a phone in your pocket. His obsessive painting efforts have earned him the title "Best Artist In SLO County" by SLO New Times Readers for 2010-2013. These accolades haven't gotten to his head or inflated his ego. Just kidding, he totally thinks he's a rockstar. When not painting or making digital doodles on the iPad he can be found walking around town with his family taking way too many photos with his phone camera, riding his watermelon colored bicycle, or laying on his couch reading a book when he should be doing house chores like replacing the leaky skylight.

Isn't that refreshing?  He's my favorite.  :)

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