Monday, January 30, 2012

d.i.y-not? Show your jeans some love...

It's almost VALENTINE'S DAY! How excited are you?! It's my all time most super very favorite day of the year. Nothing could be better than a day full of love, kisses, presents, and dressing up. Do you celebrate V-day by wearing your heart on your sleeve? How about an update on that old adage... Check out this quick and fun project we did:


With Evy's assistance, this took about ten minutes (minus drying time).

1. Try on your jeans and put a little mark right at the center of each knee.
2. Draw half of a heart on a sheet of sticky stuff. We used duct tape, but contact paper would work fine too.
3. Fold in half and cut out from the center, so your heart is uniform on both sides.
4. Peel off back and stick to jeans. Place sticky heart cut-out directly over your knee markings.
5. Fill in your hearts with red fabric paint. Sponge or brush works well.
6. Let dry.

7. Peel off and admire your handy work! :)

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