Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bits & pieces: come on in...

I'm kicking off a little "bits & pieces" series here on the blog,
to give you guys a better glimpse of our home.

I love peeking into homes, and finding inspiration in the everyday items people love.  There always seems to be something fun and unexpected that catches my eye.  When I think of peeking into homes, I can't help but think of Amsterdam.  

One of my favorite things about the city was all of the amazing canal houses- so thin and tall and charming.  You know how the gorgeous homes in San Francisco are just so full of character?  Like they might secretly come alive when no one's watching?  The homes in Amsterdam were just ooooozing character.  The windows on every floor offered a new perspective.  I loved seeing colorful dishes and whimsical mobiles in the street-level windows.  On the second floor, a family portrait, ornately framed, on the third floor you might only catch a glimpse of antique hardware on a really beautiful ceiling fixture, and on the very top level- an arched window and exposed beams.  It was fascinating.   

My home isn't quite fascinating, but it's comfy, and it's always evolving...   always a work in progress.  My mother was forever arranging, rearranging, decorating, designing, and evolving our home when I was a kid.  So naturally, that became my "normal"...  so I do it too.  

Much to this man's painful dismay.

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