Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Over her weekend visit, Amber pointed out that we've been friends for more than 20 years.  We both started at the same elementary school in 1984, and we bonded over Valentines.  

Wait a minute.  Whaat?! Am I even old enough to have been friends with someone that long?  The crystal-clear reality of the answer is umm... yes, old enough and then some.  *groooooan*

I don't find it easy to make new friends, so I'm grateful to be close to someone who knew me when I was shorter than her, when I had pink hair, when we had a zine... when we moved far away and back home again, when babies were born, when tears were shed, and dreams came true.  Some friendships naturally evolve and fall away as people change and grow.  Amber and I have been lucky enough to evolve in the same direction.  At every stage of my life, she's been as relevant and important as she was on that first Valentine's Day.  

Who is your oldest friend?  Is the friendship still close and significant?  


  1. YES! My best friend, Brooke and I met as infants in SLO and have been friends-best friends-ever since! That's 31 years now!! Our families are still in SLO and funny enough we are both in the Bay area and see each other often! Isn't it amazing to have a friend that knows your whole story?

    P.S. i stumbled upon SLO My Gosh just weeks ago. LOVE it...I forwarded the link to Brooke first thing!

    1. Wow! Met as infants?! That's amazing!!! I love that you shared this with me. AND that you shared SLOmygosh with your special friend. So cool... :)

      Big thank you's all around. ♥

    2. Oh! And yes, having a friend who "knows your whole story"... I know exactly what you mean. None of the weird backstory, or getting someone up to speed... It's so special. I imagine that it's like that for sisters- but it's completely indispensable (and rare) in a friend. You're lucky to have her nearby. :)


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