Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sleeping in...

How cute are those two?!
This is my favorite way to wake up in the morning.  Happy Elliott, and well-rested Jeffrey.  This year, James and Evy started riding their bikes to school.  *gasp*   So on school days, they typically get ready on their own and just come into our room to check-in before heading off.  Elliott usually wakes up in time to get a kiss goodbye from sister, a diaper change, and then he starts people-watching out the window.  And with the people-watching comes the growling, the yelling, and the bubble-blowing at cars driving by...  and then we're up.  Really up.  

But every once in a while, we get a morning like today.  Today Elliott fell back to sleep.  A conked-out, deeeep sleep.  The 3 of us snuggled up and slept until...  I won't even tell you how late.  But it was late.  

And it was bliss.  

When we finally woke up again, we were so happy and rested, it felt so good.  Jeff played this "I'm gonna gobble you up" game, while Elliott screamed and laughed and clapped.  Yeah, he totally claps now.  :)

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