Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Home Reference: Back yard pool...

I keep a little folder on my desktop entitled: "Home Reference".

In it, I collect images of homes and architectural details that have inspired me.  Jeff suggested that I share them here... so, here we go!  I thought the image below would be a perfect starter to acquaint you with the series.  At first glance, you'll notice that uhhMAAYziiing pool, nestled perfectly into the narrow yard.  Super cool, right?

But look a little closer...  see the bedroom upstairs?  The cushy sitting area at the bottom of the staircase?  The open floor plan downstairs?  The house is small, but they've opened it up as much as possible.  With an entire wall of glass, and accordion doors to blur the divide between indoor and outdoor space, they've made it look (and I'm assuming, feel) big and highly-functional.  Notice how the outside range, connects almost seamlessly with the indoor cooking area.  I love this.  I'll admit, I'm not crazy about avant garde rooflines, but the corrugated tin makes up for the pretention of that dramatic angling.  What do you think?

Photo by James Geer

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