Friday, April 6, 2012

kissing strangers...

A few nights ago I ran out on my own to run a quick errand or two, and on my way home I stopped by Linnaea's Cafe to grab one of their irresistible salted chocolate cookies.  As I walked past the Cafe window and through the door, I noticed this couple snuggling and kissing like they were in their own world- completely oblivious, and totally consumed with each other.  I'm not typically one for P.D.A's, but this moment seemed so sweet, I couldn't help sneaking a picture of them.  Aren't they just lovely?  I find myself inventing backstories to go along with the photo... but none of them do justice to the pure romance of this stolen moment in the Cafe.  What a lucky shot.  I love it.  


  1. I want to buy a print of this to hang on my wall! <3

    1. Oooh, me too! That's a really good idea, Jen. Have you tried the Postagram or PostalPix apps? I use postagram to send photo updates to family. It stores addresses, so I can get a custom postcard mailed directly to multiple people in about 30 seconds. It's awesome for thank you notes too. And I just recently discovered PostalPix. They have a lot of fun printing options, including prints on aluminum for $7.99. So rad!

    2. And THANK YOU, for your kind compliment too. Duh. *smacks forehead*


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