Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring break on the homefront...

Happy Friday, everyone!  Big weekend plans?  Does your family celebrate Easter?  I forget that some people don't.  I think it's so special.  Some of my very first memories are of Easter.  The poofy, ruffled dresses my grandma sewed for me, the little white hats and gloves...  and those colorful baskets!

James and Evelyn ditched us this week.  Uhhh... Are we not as cool as we think we are?  I mean, look at Elliott hanging out with his dad - he thinks we're the coolest!  Granted, he thinks having one tooth, and using it to eat the rug is cool.  I digress...  

With the big kids off enjoying their Spring Break and the gallery closed, the three of us have had a pretty fun time!  It's been a week of long, leisurely breakfasts, fancy dinners, LOTS of desserts, and tons of quality time with the baby.  Elli even learned to ride a bike!  Sorta.  ;)  It's also given me a chance to shop for Easter basket goodies and presents.  Did you know that you can buy bunny-shaped sweet loaves from the House of Bread?  It's their annual Easter special, and it's awesome.  Bunny loaves come in 3 flavors, and they're so yummy, and SO darn cute.  Every Easter basket needs one.  Our Easter weekend plans will be pretty laid back.  I'm looking forward to having James and Evy home, Easter Vigil tomorrow night at the Mission, and an Easter feast with the family on Sunday.  And maybe we'll pick up a few Ghirardelli bunnies for mommy the kids.  


A very big MAHALO to everyone who participated in the Moloa'a Bay Coffee giveaway yesterday.  ***Remember, you have until Wednesday*** to enter to win your very own package of coffee from this beautiful, mom & pop farm.  Simply "like" their page on facebook. AND leave a comment on the blog here.  You must do both to win.  A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday.  :) 

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  1. Reading your blog is sooooooo enjoyable! Thank you Coral for sharing these fun stories and adorable moments with us with such frequency and signature C style!


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