Monday, May 14, 2012

A fine line...

Have you guys heard of slacklines?
I had seen people on them a few times in Mitchell Park, but then last year we saw the trailer for I Believe I Can Fly (no, not that tired R. Kelly song) - Flight Of The Frenchies.  Have you watched it?  It's an incredible documentary that follows a group of Frenchmen... CRAZY Frenchmen.  Seriously.  These guys slackline across and base jump off of the wildest terrain in Europe.  Often without ANY safety equipment.  It's both awe inspiring and totally nerve wracking.  
It sounds crazy, but to see it... you're heart actually jumps.  

Attn. Family- don't worry, we have no intention of base jumping, 
or tightroping like these maniacs. Ever.

Obviously, we won't be doing anything like that- but Jeff was inspired to order a slackline.  It's basically a tightrope!  And it's SO FUN!  It fits in a backpack, wraps around trees, and voila!  You've got a family of circus performers!

Well... aspiring performers, at least.  


  1. the crazy frenchies- I've never wanted to do anything like that in my life- totally afraid of heights, but your family- so stinkin' cute! :)

    1. I don't have any desire to do any of that either. I'm ok with heights, but seeing those guys pushing their luck just makes me think **WHY**?! How much more extreme can you get for an adrenalin rush? It seems kind of suicidal.


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