Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More than french fries...

Ready for the easiest, YUMMIEST scramble ever?

I'm talking potatoes infused with truffle oil, havarti cheese, fresh parsley and green onions- 
all mixed up with fresh eggs.  SO tasty.  But labor-intensive, no?  Not at all.  Because I've got a secret.

I picked up a side of truffle fries at Eureka Burger, chopped them into bits, scramble them with eggs, and that's it!  
Breakfast for dinner gone fancy.  In about ten minutes.  You're welcome.  


  1. YUM!! I've got to try this sometime! :) Do you scramble the eggs in the pan with the fries? Or add the fries after the eggs are scrambled?

    1. Nerds! I forgot to add that photo. Yes, you just scramble them all at once, together. After chopping up the fries I add them to the raw egg mixture- and pour all of it into a hot pan. :)

      Soooo yummy!


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