Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home Inspiration... Faroe Islands

I find myself charmed, and completely lost in this beautiful series of photographs by Felix van de Gein.

They chronicle Springtime on the Faroe Islands (a mid-way point between Scotland and Iceland), but what I find most intriguing are the architectural details...  The primary colors and scattered cottages look straight out of a folk art painting or primitive quilt.  The grass roofs blending seamlessly into the hillsides... the shoreline rocks- turned home foundations...  
truly enchanting.  

P.S.  Doesn't that rock in the first photo remind you of Morro Bay?!  

{All images from Felix van de Gein via Flickr}


  1. first of all, I love that you put "if folk art and morro bay had a baby..." love it. and second of all I want to live in that black house with the red window trim and grass roof!!!! i WANT it!!!!!! I mean sign me up, I"m there!!

    I just checked air flights, cuz I'm ready to pack my bags (I mean, I'm pretty sure I saw a gnome in there somewhere- they DO live in places like that) and holy toledo! cheapest $3500 per person! Soooo I'm pretty sure i"m not gonna vacation in the Faroe Islands- so I guess i'll just have to peruse the pics and do a mind vacation! :)

    1. Whaaaaaaaat??? That airfare sounds like a joke. And YES, that house! Wanna know something funny? The only photo from this series that I kept on my desktop (to stare at over and over again) was the one of that black house. It's the dreamiest. And tooootally gnome-worthy. :)

    2. once again....great minds think alike my friend! well it certainly looks big enough to share! ;) I definitely had visions of my gnome collection making it's home there- I mean I could actually put them right on the roof!!! heaven!!!

      and yeah- the airfare, ugh!


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