Monday, May 28, 2012

Who's your little cookie...

Have you tried the dark chocolate sea salt cookies at Linnaea's yet?

Oh my gosh...  chewy, chocolatey... 
just the riiiight amount of salty-sweet



  1. I just did a blog post yesterday about my favorite cookie!! great minds think alike!

  2. Yeah, but you actually BAKE yours. I'm of the opinion that there are two types of people in the kitchen... bakers, and cooks. And though I am the world's biggest fan of baked goods, I'm am not a baker. Not even close.

    1. Haha! I love to cook and bake! I'm always up for the challenge. I didn't used to be a baker- though- that is something I've just discovered over the last few years- getting a good mixer helped that equation too! Any requests and I'll totally send them your way! ;)

    2. Oh and I'm a cook who can't cook meat! I can do anything but! I've tried and failed so I just don't try- we live in a vegetarian house! Haha


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