Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Inspiration... Taylor Tomasi-Hill

I know this looks really basic, and you're thinking... huh?  

But the truth is, I love the freshness of this happy little spot in Taylor Tomasi-Hill's NY kitchen.  Look at the stark, STARK white and how the pinks and reds just jump off of it.  The plants and framed snapshot really help to soften the look.  And the silly red ants, countertop taxi planter, and goofy fly-swatters tell us that this is a fun, whimsical space.  You know, I'm all about the goofy and whimsical...  Oooh, and that darling, classic checkerboard floor?  It reminds me of my elementary school (built in 1835).  

What I want to know is... where in New York did she find that flood of natural light?!  SO beautiful.  And can we just talk for a minute about Taylor's amazing hair?  She famously refuses to cop to her colorist, but dang- if that doesn't give you the "maaaaybe I could pull off red" bug...  I don't know what. 

Taylor's Current Elliott Leopard "Stiletto" denim available here.


  1. Jeff's right... You are definitely cute!

  2. those ants are the best!!!! my kitchen would start out like this but then life would happen and nothing would ever get put back the right place and then I'd be like- "what the heck am I doing with all this hot sauce?"!!!

    I love the plant idea (I'm totally on top of that- my kitchen has succulents galore) and the white (my kitchen is white too-pain in the butt to keep looking clean, but it's so fresh and bright when it is!)

    1. "what the heck am I doing with all this hot sauce?"!!!



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