Monday, June 4, 2012

Lychee season!

At the insistence urging of fellow local blogger, Paradiso Per Due...  a note on lychees.
As I mentioned on instagram last week, lychees were a staple food in my life until I moved to California, and discovered that they don't grow here.  Between that and the cold weather, I was like...  Oh my gosh, what have I done?!  During lychee season back home, I was content to perch myself on a huge branch and gobble them down for an hour or so- or until I was completely sick and covered in sticky lychee juice.  Ohhh...  the bliss.  THANKFULLY, we make the occasional trip to L.A. where we find them in the Asian market.  And Trader Joes in San Luis has randomly sold them 3 times in 7 years.  I've yet to find them very fresh in California- but a lychee is a lychee is a lychee, right?  You get what you get...  and once you get a lychee, you will pine for them foorrevvverrrr.  *You've been warned.

 (James was thrilled to assist in this by the way)

1. Start by rinsing them, some people like to chill them too...  On my island, kids sell big, cold bags of them out of coolers on the side of the road- like lemonade stands.  :)

2. Gently crack the red, outer layer open with your teeth.  Don't worry, they're not hard.

3. Peel and discard the red skin.  You'll be left with just the little white fruit.  Eat that thing!

4. Watch out for the one big seed in the middle.  James is a master at sucking the fruit off of the seed.

5. Repeat until you feel totally full and sick.

 That's it!  


  1. ahahaha!! let's be honest, I did insist!!! :) I was at Trader Joe's today in Templeton and there they were! But, I didn't buy them cuz I still didn't know how to eat them. Now, I'm happy to say I do- thanks to you- so I'll buy them next time!!! I'll certainly get back to you on my review. Maybe I'll get them tomorrow after work!

  2. Anonymous6/6/12 19:54

    Lychee is my favorite fruit!!! Love them!!! Randomly find them canned or in certain Asian resturants on the desert menu.....yummy!


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