Saturday, August 25, 2012

Easy peasy, super pretty FISHTAIL BRAID...

It's hair tutorial time again!  Leah + I have a great new one for you...  
A gorgeous FISHTAIL braid!  

I love love love this pretty hairstyle, and I love even more that it's the kind of thing you can do yourself at home.  I'm excited to try this on Evelyn.  It's a really fun alternative to a basic braid.  It looks really complicated and intricate- but this took Leah less than 5 minutes.  Really!  And look at how it brings out the highlights in Kannyn's hair.  SO cool.  

Leah's step-by-step, easy peasy instructions:

1. Brush hair into pony tail, this may be a low side pony or in the back.  * a side note: I'd like to point out that when doing this on oneself, it will be easier to do a side pony version, but by no means is it impossible to do it in the back.

2. Secure with clear elastic band and start by splitting the hair into two sections. 

3. Beginning on one side pull a small section of hair from underneath. Pull this section around and across to the opposite side. 

4. Repeat this process going down the divided pony tail until you reach the desired amount of hair braided.

5. Secure with the second clear elastic.

6. Gently tug on the braid if you would like a wider fishtail. 

7. Optional- If you desire a looser braid, cut the top clear elastic. 

Spray and TA-DA, you're done!!  :)

Kannyn's tunic - Free People, Trapeze Top
Leah's nail laquer - Butter London, Queen Vic
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  1. I love how you did it in circles! :) Fantastic my friend!! I think we've got a good thing going on!!!

    1. Thanks, Leah! I thought the circles were fun.

      And yes, we have a GREAT thing going on. :)


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