Friday, August 17, 2012

Elliott's new ride...

Sooo...  You know how guys hit their mid-life crisis and buy little sports cars?  
Elliott's getting a head start on that shiz.  
Nana + Papa set him up with this crazy-awesome red coupe, 
and he wasted no time taking it out for a spin.  
In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find him out of it these past few days!   
Just catching up on his nutritional info...
drinking and driving...
showing off its handling + versatility...
cruisin'... and listening to his rap station.  
(No seriously, it has one)
aaand off-roading!

Not pictured:

Eating in it.
Sleeping in it.
ummm...  other stuff in it (that starts with a "P" rhymes with coupe).

I think it's safe to say he loves it.  


  1. Starts w/ P and ends w/ coupe? Sweeeet! And beyond koostumized! Seems like there's nothing this ride can't provide.... Lucky boy!

  2. seriously my favorite post EVER!!!


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