Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey, Princess...

In the market for a castle?

This 98-room beauty is a steal at just under $8,000,000!  You'll have to pardon me, I'm kind of lost in French Chateaux heaven and princess dream fever over at this crazy real estate site.

Does 98 rooms and a moat feel a wee bit over the top?  How about this little 73-room escape just North of Paris?

This one's downright quaint in comparison, at just 35 rooms!  J U S T  3 5  R O O M S !  Whaa?
Ok, ok... but seriously, you guys - these listings are insane.  I can't even wrap my head around them.  Most come with private parks, lakes, pools, multiple out-buildings and formal gardens.  Umm... WHO BUYS THESE?!  I love how the site answers this question...

Q. Why buy French Chateaux?

A. At present, large estates are offering superb value for money compared to other prestige property around the world. Boasting acres of land, lakes, outbuildings and their own capacious floor spaces, chateaux give one the opportunity and space to choose how to live and work. Taking the figure of 1 Million Euros as an example, chateaux costing this will far outweigh, in real terms, the real estate offered by other luxury and prestige property of the same price. In many locations, you are paying for exactly that - location - and will no doubt be jostling with other similar properties for the best view. French chateaux offer the rare ability to look out from your window and survey no land but your own.

Works for me!

I pick this one:


  1. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong family! haha!! I mean, I think I'm supposed to be one of the rich ones, you know?! I have expensive tastes but definitely never had the finances to back it up! :)

    I love the "only 35 rooms" one. :)

    And then on the opposite side of the spectrum I also love little tiny quaint cottages with just a few rooms and a big ol' overgrown fairy garden!

    1. 100% agree with you. Give me a cozy manor house with a stable and a kitchen garden, over a castle ANY day. Plus the castles lorded over the areas and probably plundered and whatnot. Bad vibes, yo.


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